History of Middle East

Contrary to what most people believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has not been going on for thousands of years. The conflict only started during World War 1 because of British and French strategic interest in the Mediterranean Sea.  This was a major trading route as the Mediterranean Sea gave who over control it will gain access to India. The British Empire sought to control the Mediterranean trading route and for this reason it was necessary to control one water channel. But the presence of ottoman navy based in Levant was a direct threat to British interests so the Britons and French decided to divide the Middle East into smaller entities and countries to make it impossible for the Ottoman Empire to conquer and control them all. And during the WW1 they implemented this idea.

One of the Ottoman provinces Syria which included modern countries of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. This province was divided by the Britons and French in the secret styles agreement. Basically these two empires through a line a from between muscle and Baghdad to mount heron to the sea. In the west the French controlled the north and the British control the south to prevent the rise of any future original power. The region was even further divided. Long time French allies the maritime Christians receive their own piece of land.  The predominant maritime region of Syria was turned into separate Country and it was named after Mount Lebanon the topographical characteristic of the region now prior to this level and have never before existed as an independent state. Its main reason for unity was religious demography. They were allied with several Arab tribes and clans and they have made conflicting promises to various players. The most important British ally was the rulers and head of the Arabian Peninsula. But neither the British nor French intended to keep their promises and instead played all smaller players against each other and when the secret cyma speakout agreement was published by the newly established Soviet Union. It caused the region turmoil for the region by 1900. The Saudi client had launched a reconquest of the Arabian Peninsula from Kuwait. By 1925 the south part gain control over the eastern and central parts of the peninsula and establish the truth Saudi state which would eventually become modern day Saudi.

In 1948 the Hashemite clan ruled over Jordan which was granted by the Britons.

In the same year, after several years of trying to have a Jewish state the Jews regained independence after almost 2000 years of depending to other countries. Israel was born under the proclamation of Ben Gurion.  At the time, it felt assault for the Arab’s livelihood that’s why they made a revolt. Up to this day continuous war happens and still conflicts are taking place. Will wait for a new world order to see what happens next.