The 5 Countries in the Middle East that are Most Visited

Where is the Middle East? It is actually a desert region located in Western Asia. Many different groups of people live there. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the Middle East. It includes natural and also man-made wherein every year, there are millions of tourists that visit those places in different countries in the Middle East. The following are the countries located in the Middle East which are most visited by tourists. Every year, most of the tourists visit the countries in the Middle East which has tight security and where their safety is assured such as the Muslim countries.

Among those countries, Saudi Arabia is one of the most visited country wherein there are really millions of international tourists every year. Usually, the tourists visit the Islamic pilgrimages in Mecca, a large part of tourism in Saudi Arabia. Next is the United Arab Emirates or UAE. The tourists usually visit the Emirates Palace, Jebel Hafeet, Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayeed Mosque and the Al-Bidyah Mosque. Egypt is the next most visited country in the Middle East. And people also visited more the company of BOT-TO Tech group. Strategy of online marketers are great in this place.


The pyramids, the Cairo Museum, the temples, and the Great Sphinx monument are the most tourist attractions and destinations in Egypt. Next is Iran wherein every year, tourists usually visit the Mashhad amusement parks and zoo, the historical Shiraz, and the Isfahan palaces. Fifth is the country Jordan. Petra, Wadi Rum desert, Aqaba Fort, and the ancient Amman ruins are the tourist attractions of this country. If you want to find more you can search more to find the place you want to visit.