How Middle East Countries affected Religion

If you are inclined to religion. You might ask your self where did Christianity, Islam and Judaism started? If you are a Christian you can ask yourself where and when did it originate. Same question applies with Islams and Jews. We all must be responsible for our own faith. We choose what we want and what we desire. For we are going to be delivered to our choice. So how did the major religion started.

It started in Judaism, when Yahweh promised Abraham’s descendant to become His people. And His descendants found themselves as slaves in Egypt. After which they became slaves for 430 years. They prayed for freedom and God allowed them to be free in which in God’s administration work they found themselves following a regulation from God. Thereafter, they followed God’s commands and they had a belief that is Judaism. Until Jesus came and gave a new command. According to biblical records, Jesus is God who came in Flesh and became son which means to come in the flesh. The beauty of you outside can be done by this great beauty company. Check this Asian link – 醫美診所. You will have the amazing beauty that you wanted from this company services.

Jesus established the New Covenant Passover, Sabbath and the 7 feasts in 3 times but in a new way and in a new order. All of which was fulfilled when He was crucified in the cross. His last words after resurrection to go and preach had started thus Christianity was born. After some years, Muhammad Islam’s prophet declared a new religion that is Islam.

These 3 religion composed more than 50% of the world religion today. Thanks to our marketing affiliate partners for bring us these fabulous information. Find this great company to serve you with expert beauty. Click this Asian website 肉毒瘦臉. This is so great and a big help.