How Israel lost and regain Land in Middle East

The Jews or the Israelites which are largely known as the first people to have close encounter to God. Whether God was in spirit of flesh. Has been known to have a very rich history whether it is good or bad. They have their ups and downs and defeats and victories. But how did they find themselves in such situation. How did they lost their land and recover it again.

The story started in the time of Abraham. God has promised Abraham’s descendants to be His People.

After Abraham had his sons to his grand grand children. One of his named Joseph became a governor in Egypt. The Israelites became powerful at that time until few hundreds of years. A new pharoah came who didn’t have idea of Joseph an Israelite. So he punished the Israelites and made them slaves. For 430 years they prayed to God for freedom. God granted that in the wake of the Jewish Festival Passover. They left Egypt and travelled going to Canaan.

Canaan is arguably in the Palestine-Israel (Located in Middle East) . After great prophets lead them and they conquered Middle east and became a power nation. However, After 40 years after rejecting Jesus(Messiah, God in Flesh) . They were persecuted a lot and lost their nation and they wandered for 1600 years. After the great disaster of the Holocaust where 6 million Jews died during the World War 2. United Nations declared the independence of Israel for the free living of the Jews.

By the way all of this are related to the fulfillment of Bible Prophecies.