Culture Middle East

In Middle East…

The Muslims calls their followers Islam to prayer.  City folks gather to pray in groups while wandering tribesman spread their prayer rugs on the barren desert. Farmers and villagers pause in their days work and all turn toward Mecca the so called Holy City to give voice to their faith in God.

Here once flourished the great cities of the ancient world while the Middle East is the birthplace of our civilizations. Here the ancient Egyptians built structures never equaled by modern man. In Middle East you will find Holy Jerusalem center of three of the world’s greatest religions. Judaism, Christianity and Ismail. The Dome to the rock is revered by 3 faiths. Here King Solomon built his temple, Jesus told his parables and here is said to have ascended into heaven.

But today, the Middle East is largely a barren land which nature seems to have forsaken. There is great heat and extreme cold. Fuel resources and little water where food must be coaxed from the earth by man’s ingenuity. The Middle East or the near east is centered in Arabian Peninsula which contains the large desert country of Saudi Arabia fringed by several territories. To the north watering the union soviet are afganishtan, Iran and turkey. Between them lie the smaller lands of Iraq, Syria and Jordan. Lebanon with a Christian majority and Jewish Israel are the only non Muslim states in the Middle East. Middle East is a good strategic place since it provides a route for Africa, Asia and Europe. The people in Middle East can be divided into 3 groups the city man. Nomads and peasant farmers.

Houses here are still preserved , built with rock and ancient.