Middle east, is not you middle or average continent or country. This is the home for many  historic events that took place in the world. From the historic stories of Moses to Jesus our God in Flesh to the conflicts that took place from the intercession of Britain and French. many people are into the journey of this place. From any kinds of religion pligrimage takes place. For Jews a visit to the Jerusalem is necessary . For Muslims a visit and prayers to Mecca is essential for their life of faith. For Christians a visit to historic places that the apostles and Jesus has walked is a worth a trip.

There is no problem in visiting these places.

You can see very sophisticated places here. From natural wonders to ancient civilization. All can be offered here. There is a maximum security for tourist here. Even media people have covered the travel here and interviewed and learn their rich culture and didn’t found any problem during the course of their stay.

So if you are a believer or just an ordinary person who’s up to vacation and pilgrimage. This place best suites you!

Experience Middle East! From Jordan to Lebanon to a short visit to Africa’s Egypt and going to Israel and have a look at where the birth of major religions of today started.